A New Skill

Do you remember those? The scrunchies? I am not sure exactly how you spell it. They are those little hair pieces that girls wear like ponytail holders or around their wrists as bracelets. I remember them from when I was in grade school in the 80s. I wore them and I also made a few myself.

I was a little surprised when my 13 year old came home one day and told me that she was going to make these little hair pieces and sell them for a buck a piece. I didn’t really think she was serious. Scrunchies have definitely made a comeback.

A few days later we were at the store doing our bi-weekly grocery shopping and she asked if she could go to the fabric isle. I said sure and about 15 minutes later she came back with all the tools she needed to create these little things.

For the first week her and I helped each other hand stitch 17 of these little things for her friends. Now I am no seamstress, but I can do a little hand stitching and was able to show her how to do that.

A good friend of mine heard of her new venture and told me she could borrow her sewing machine, so the other day she learned to operate the basics on the sewing machine. Her weekend project will be a line featuring the pink bows in honor of breast cancer awareness month and the plan is to donate her profits.

I am surprised and tickled that she is enjoying this so much, but also happy that she has found something that brings her joy.

4 thoughts on “A New Skill

  1. Oh, that sounds like fun and what a great way to have quality time together working on a project. The sewing machine should make her much more productive.
    I am impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit.
    I have had a few sewing projects in my life and appreciate a sewing machine when it is set properly and working well. usually it is repairing or hemming my clothes. Most recently, replacing a zipper. I had a job one summer sewing up 100 pound flour bags after they had been filled with flour.
    And for you, blog on !

    1. I really has been fun. She is a busy girl and very involved in other activities during the week, so any time together that we can get in doing projects like this is so much fun. Thanks for commenting.

  2. OH MY!!! They are back???? They go well with the jumpsuit that I heard also made a comeback. As a former hairdresser, I can tell you that I saw so many of those scrunchies AND sold even more that I never imagined they would make a comeback.
    Just to show you that if I would have kept my old scrunchies, I could have passed them on the my granddaughters.

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