“It’s all in your head..”

At the beginning of October, I started this blog challenge with Ultimate Blog Challenge. Each day we receive a topics as a writing prompt that we can choose to write about, or we can select our own topic. Todays topic is to write about adversity, either personal or in business. So, here we go.

I have already mentioned in a previous post that I run a small business next to my fulltime job and although it may not seem like a very visible adversity, it’s there and I face this demon every day. While I love my business, I still live with this fear in my head every day. That bugging feeling of “what if…”. What if I am not good enough? What will they think of me doing this? How am I going to find new customers? And the list goes on.

To quiet my mind and start my day of the best way I know how, I start with the miracle morning that I wrote about here: https://creatingacozyhome.com/miracle-morning/

In addition, I try to really plan my days and weeks to make sure that I am on top of things. But the fears are still there. The only thing that takes the fear away is action. Action that isn’t always there!!

Why? Why can’t I just shake it? I know it is all in my head, yet it seems so real. And yet somehow, I persist…

One thought on ““It’s all in your head..”

  1. Great blog and it brings back memories. When we fist started our business in the early 60’s I didn’t think much about “what if”until January. That was our slow month being right after the holidays and I would always think “what if we don’t get any more customers”. Well 53 years later I dismissed that though as we had been busy for all those years. You are a surprise busy person and your business will thrive!

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