My Fall Favorites

In the later years, Fall has become one of my favorite seasons of the year. Not only because of the colors and the pumpkin spice latte’s and Thanksgiving and all that. It’s also because of those things, but that’s not all.

See, I am a northern girl. I am a Dane transplanted to dry, sunny and hot Oklahoma. When we first moved here 12 years ago, I had a hard time getting used to the blazing hot summers. It was almost unbearable to me. I was used to four seasons with a long Spring and  a long Fall and cooler summers and wet cold winters.

Oklahoma is a whole different story. The summer here lasts about as long as the winter does in Denmark, so when it finally cools off here, I am ready for it.

To me Fall is all about “hygge”, that cozy feeling we talked about in yesterdays post. It’s about walks on weekends to enjoy the crisp air and the beautiful fall colors, it’s the first hot cup of coffee on a cold fall morning, it’s tasting the latest new coffee special from Starbucks, it’s celebrating Thanksgiving with the family, it’s all the fun fall décor.

One of the things we have done the last couple of years with our family is a pumpkin carving day. I love it. I will admit that Halloween is my least favorite holiday, but I love the carving party with my family.

Our pumpkins from last year.

So as we move into October, I am so exited to get to do all of these things.

Till next time…

4 thoughts on “My Fall Favorites

  1. Hi, it is great to meet you here on #blogboost. I’ll be looking forward to learning more about hygge.

    I was introduced to the word here on an earlier challenge, and growing up in central Canada, keeping warm was a real comfort.

    I am not clear on how to pronounce it but “Hug he ” looks like the best North American version.
    So thanks, and here is your hug from a Doug.

    1. Thanks for commenting Doug. Yes, being from Denmark a lot of what I do to unwind and relax revolves around the concept of hygge. And I can imagine with Canada being so much further north, the climate there calls for comfort during cooler seasons.

  2. Becoming accustomed to a different rhythm of seasons is hard – we moved from Canada to Texas USA, and lost the seasons I grew up with! I appreciate your adjustments very much.

    Your idea of embracing certain aspects, even if a holiday or rhythm of a season isn’t your favorite, is brilliant! What a positive way of looking at something this is uncomfortable. I wish you happy pumpkin carving!

    1. Hi Lori, thanks for stopping by. Yes, Halloween has never really been my favorite holiday. I did not grow up with it, so I never got into it as a child. So maybe now as an adult, it’s just not me. But I do njoy all the Fall aspect of the holiday.

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