You know that feeling when we really work on something, for a very long time and it just does not really seem to get any better? It’s good, but we can’t seem to overcome that last hurdle?

I watched my daughter in her tumbling class today finally master her back handspring after 3 long, grueling years in a variety of tumbling classes. Practicing, persisting, more practicing. She just kind of had it, but not really. She couldn’t quite get past that last little (or big) fear in her head. And then finally today she got it without a spot.

I love watching her journey, because I know that on some days she is just ready to give it up. The frustration is painted all over her face and there is nothing anyone can say to make it right. You are just there as the supporter if she needs it.

I know the walk, because I have walked it myself so often and still do with so many things in my life. We are so close to our goal, but yet it feels so far and so frustrating. Giving up seems to sometimes be the only option, yet we don’t because the next try may be our breakthrough.

And so we persist!

6 thoughts on “Persistence

  1. It is not just practice that makes perfect. Practicing the wrong thing will not help the right thing happen. It is perfect practice that leads to perfection.

    Blog on !

  2. I am the type that I won’t quit until I get something figured out. I’ve also taught my children and grandchildren you don’t have to be the best, just do the best you can. Persistence pays off!

    1. I like to think of myself like that too, but sometimes I feel as if get flustered. But yet, it does pay off to persist. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Yes, I know this feeling all too well.
    It was why I kept trying to make pork chops in spite of every fail. It was why I wrote and rewrote my memoir — and it finally came together!
    Still working on the pork chops but I know I’ll get it right one day.
    Take care!

    1. I love the porkchop one. I don’t make them that often. My family prefers beef or poultry unless it’s a pork tenderloin or something I guess.

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