The Beaches of my Childhood

My favorite one, taken from the top of a hill over the beach.

Being an immigrant, there are days when the longing to that which was once my home is so strong that the emotional pain is almost physical. I had a spout of that this past week. It was paralyzing this time. All I could do was the stuff I can almost do in my sleep. Get up, go to work, eat, sleep, repeat!

It took me back to 2011, when our little family went there to celebrate the Christmas holidays with my parents. My husband took some incredible pictures one day on a walk to the beach. It was a mild winter, just wet, windy and gray.

I love how he captured the shift in the weather that day, almost exactly what I experienced with my mood this week.

The clouds are lifting.

The view from the cliffs over the beach is amazing no matter if it’s a sunny or gray day.  I have sat there on the bench so many times, when I just needed to gather my thoughts.  The water and the wind always forgiving and calming.

Waiting for Summer.

Last summer when my daughter and I went back for a wedding, we spent some time walking along the beach, gathering shells, playing in the water, eating ice cream. Even though the summer of 2017 was one of the worst on record in many years in Denmark, she still got a feel for what I love so much about this place.

The beaches of my childhood. It’s the one thing I really long for.

2 thoughts on “The Beaches of my Childhood”

  1. Yes, I have warm memories of teen years spent on the shore of a lake.
    Twenty five years later when I found a cottage for sale on a another lake, almost 2000 kilometers away, I immediately felt like I was at home.

  2. Childhood beaches. Yes.

    In my memory, I always go back to the west coast of Sweden. The sandy beaches of Halland, right outside Halmstad. Your husband’s pictures remind me of those too. Scandinavian gray light has something melancholy about it where I truly relate.

    Take care! 🙂

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