The Girl Behind the Cozy Home.

Our family has never had an insane amount of extra money in our budget for extras. This includes elaborate home improvements and decorating. So when we recently bought our home it was a dream come true to even be able to do that. I knew immediately that I would have to get creative with what I already had.

We have been in our house for 6 month and I sometimes still feel a little overwhelmed with what I feel needs done still. But there is also a rational voice in my head that tells me “It will be ok, just take it one step at the time.”

I have read lots of other blogs about budget decorating and how people have made something from barely anything, but I often wonder what they mean when they say “I really had no money to decorate with.” What does that Really mean? Did they not have a single dollar to devote to decor or did they just not have a whole lot. Because to me $200 every now and then is more than $0 for a decorating budget. So, I can assure you, when I say: “my decor budget is $0,” that’s what I mean. It is zero. None. Everything coming in is spoken for somewhere else first and will be for some time.

This means that I really have had to get creative and look at the things we already have and determine if anything will work in my new home. So instead of feeling overwhelmed with things, I have chosen to take a more practical approach to things and take one corner of the house at the time and chronicle the transformation in my blog. I am actually really excited about that. Hopefully, I will be able to give you some ideas as to how you can transform your home from a bland, blank canvas to an inviting and cozy home.

The very first cute item that we received as a gift from my father in law and his wife and which is now gracing our front porch is this cute home sign. Can I say that we are partial to the Oklahoma Sooners 🙂

Stay tuned for my next project.