The Sound of Winter

I am originally Denmark, where the climate is very coastal. It’s also further to the north than where I live now, which means we’d get lots of moisture during the winter months, generally in the form of rain. We’d get snow as well, but not always the amounts that we kids hoped for.

Yesterday was a wet day here. Sleety and icy conditions all though the day and then right before sunset the snow came. They’d been talking about this for a few days prior on all the weather forecasts, but we never hold our breath. Oklahoma is a toss-up with winter weather. You just never know what you are going to get. But last night it was beautiful.

I convinced my husband to go out and clean his car off and put a windshield cover on for the night. The snow was so pretty. And not a sound.

Big beautiful snowflakes covering the ground, leaving a white layer of fluff. Isn’t it amazing how everything quiets down when it snows?

Not even a sound.

Just by looking at the picture, you recognize the silence. Just the exited sounds of the dog playing in the snow.

The reflection from the lights of the houses in the snow and the snow-covered cars in the driveways on our road tells a story of a quiet evening at home.

The sound and the beauty of winter makes you forget everything else for just a while.

2 thoughts on “The Sound of Winter”

  1. After five months, snow loses its glamour. And, it is not so quiet when the snow blowers start up and the snow plows drag their blades along the pavement. But for now, enjoy. Blog on!

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