Why Cozy Home?

The one thing that I have been missing for a very long time is a creative outlet. I have a lot going on every day, so sometimes it is hard to even sit down and take 10 minutes to myself. However, I have always loved to write, I am interested in décor and we bought a new home earlier this year.

So, with all those things in place and the need to beautify my bare walls, preferably on a budget, I am venturing out on this journey and sharing it with you. I am also going to sprinkle in a few fun snippets from my everyday life.

We are a Danish/American family, so sometimes our different cultural backgrounds come into play during our everyday lives. The recipes we make, the things we teach our daughter, holiday traditions and sometimes items that we get sent from my folks far away (I am the Dane 🙂 )

The one thing that I always remember from my childhood in the feeling that my parents created in our home. In Danish we call it “hygge”. The direct translation of the Danish word “hygge” is cozy. To me “hygge” is as much a feeling as anything else. It’s having a good time with friends, candle light in the winter, cuddling up with a blanket and a hot cup of coffee or cocoa or having a glas of red wine with a fabulous home-cooked meal. It’s all of those things that I want to create in my home and share with you.

Till next time.



7 thoughts on “Why Cozy Home?

  1. Glad you’re here, and you’re not really late. It will be fun watching you decorate your home, I hope I can pick up a few ideas. A Hygge Home sounds warm and comforting, like a being wrapped in a quilt.

  2. I learned about hygge from another UBC participant just last year (or was it earlier this year?) but totally fell in love with the idea. And will follow your hygge journey on your blog.. looking forward to it.

  3. Hygge- I’ve actually heard that term before. It of course was in an article in a dog magazine. Talk about comfort, ok- I’m taking five minutes and cuddling with my dog now!

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